About BNBnow

BNBnow is a blog that chronicles my adventures through South Korea. Multiple entries per week will fill you in on my life, experiences and the sights and sounds of Korea. If you are interested in travelling abroad, teaching, rock-climbing or me then please read on.

Hopefully it will delight, inform, amaze, captivate, motivate and obliterate you. Nevermind that last one.


1 Response to About BNBnow

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Tom,

    we are in Calgary with your dad. we are having a great time and though we wish you were with us, really excited for you. this is an awesome adventure and by the looks of the city you just showed me out your dorm window……. at points perhaps a bit intimidating…..

    as you alluded to in an earlier post, I will endeavor to read your chronicles at times when I too have important tasks ts work that require immediate attention, but I just don’t feel like addressing. happy to have a more quality outlet for my avoidance techniques.

    gotta fly…..all the best


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