Farewell to BNBnow

It is June 18th, 2012.

You have just witnessed some of the best procrastination I have ever accomplished. Failing to not only upload the rest of the video from my journey home, but also failing to write this blog’s final entry in over 2 months is quite an accomplishment. Or lack thereof. Honestly, even I am astounding by how little I get done when videogames are available.

Not that I’ve just been playing videogames all this time (though I would’ve if I could’ve), I’m been hard at work! Finding and then moving into a new apartment – getting settled at my new job – seeing all my friends & family – failing to get dates – etc…. That stuff keeps me surprisingly busy.

In my last entry I promised I would finish uploading the video of the last few cities I visited on my journey home, but I haven’t. The thing is, I’m not sure how long it is going to take and I’m worried that every day I spend away from this blog will make it harder to jump back in and write that final entry. I’ve decided the blog needs to be put to sleep and that the video will get uploaded quietly, with no fanfare, in a few days/weeks. Please forgive me.

Well how do I wrap up this blog? The whole purpose was to keep me motivated – keep me searching for new experiences – while I was living in South Korea. Mission Accomplished. It was so enjoyable for me to write down what was happening and know that I am building a record of my experiences (a very public record – you’ll have to talk to me in person to hear most of the best stories!). I would love nothing more than to keep writing this blog, or start a new one, but who honestly wants to read about me playing videogames and working 9-5?My life is pretty darn interesting to me – I’m basically the center of my own universe – but I guess I can’t you to feel the same way. So now that the excitement has died down and I’m back to my normal life here in Canada, it’s time for BNBnow to say goodbye.

If, however, you are some sort of masochist who just genuinely enjoys reading things I write you can follow my username ‘bnbnower’. Though you should probably seek professional help first. If I ever do discover something that evokes enough passion in me to warrant a new blog, I’ll be sure to keep it under my same username.

Even though I have often referred to this blog as a record of my experiences while travelling abroad I feel that that definition does not quite do it justice. BNBnow was way more than just a journal to me. Knowing that I could instantly share what was going on in my life with just about everyone I know, even though I was so far away, offered a form of support and confidence that I could not have found in any other medium. Knowing that my friends and family were reading about my exploits made me feel like they were really experiencing them with me; it made it all feel more worthwhile.

These days I have a good friend who is applying to teach in Korea and I have been contacted by several other friends and friends of friends who want to ask me about my experiences and what they should expect. To anyone who discovers this blog and is considering a similar journey: Go do it! Do not hesitate. You will never regret it.

Alright well I suppose that is all I want to say in this final entry in BNBnow.

Thank you to everyone who ever read this, whether you know me or not, whether you liked it or not: YOUR readership kept me writing, experiencing, thinking and growing during my time away from home. I hope this blog has delighted, informed, amazed, captivated, motivated and obliterated you.

One last time, here is the link to my youtube channel, where you can see coreesponding video of almost everything I talk about in this blog: http://www.youtube.com/user/Tiddlywinkers88?feature=mhee

So after 73 posts, 5,890 views, 17 months, 10 countries, 1000’s of students and one very unfortunate dog it is time for me to finally say….



About bnbnower

A recent graduate of Carleton University, set adrift into the real world with no tangible goals or properly defined aspirations, I decided to set off for South Korea where I am teaching English as a second language. In my spare time I read, rock-climb, play frisbee and watch movies and television.
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4 Responses to Farewell to BNBnow

  1. Jim Kingdon says:

    You’re .Blog was a never ending source of enjoyment and entertainment. I enjoyed following your adventures and looked forward to every alert that there was a new post. Great job Tom.

    Love Dad

  2. Tyler says:

    A fine proper send off, sir – cannot believe how swiftly this year and half has passed. We are nearly on the annum of my own trip over there, which is crazy to think! How time flies. I must get to writing my own recollection of that summer trip, perhaps as a very late hurrah to this blog. I’m just happy at the very least to be the subject of some small piece of this adventure, I must say it was a life-changing one at that, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Cheers!

  3. Aura says:

    You know, I actually learned quite a bit from reading your blog and really enjoyed traveling ‘virtually’ with you- looking forward to your future adventures! (sans video games 😉

  4. Dan says:

    If it takes going to Korea to get this good, quality writing out of you… you know what you need to do. For me, Tom. I LOVED it.

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