Short update on the antics of yours truly

Hi everyone. It is Saturday, February 4th, 2012 here in beautiful Busan, South Korea. I thought I would type up a quick update from the comfort of my favorite coffee shop this afternoon.

Groundhog’s day was two days ago (or one day for people on western time). The groundhog defintely saw his shadow here in Busan – the weather has been sunny with clear sky for days. The temperature is another matter. Groundhog’s day was one of the coldest days in decades here in Busan. The temperature reached like -8 or so. Even one sentence later most of the people reading this are probably still scoffing at how incredibly not cold that is compared to Canada (reports from my parents indicate the weather has been pretty cool in Ontario). I have to admit I’m a little worried about my cold resistance. If you asked me a year ago what I thought about the cold I would have boasted that I’m an extremely cold tolerant person. I would routinely walk over an hour to school in the dead of winter (uphill both ways!) just because I prefered the fresh air to the city bus (and because public transport in Ottawa is a joke). After 11 months of living in Asia, however, I’m not so confident. Maybe it was the blazingly hot summer (easily over 28 degrees everyday for two months, with wicked humidity), or maybe its the fact that I’ve lived near a beach on the pacific ocean for so long, but I am honestly losing my tolerance for the cold.

Minus 8 degrees feels cold to me. I mean… what the heck!? Minus 8? Last year I’d be considering busting out the shorts in minus 8 degree weather. Normally I’d just shrug and not worry about it, but in less than a month I’m going to be on a train heading north from Beijing. What’s north of Beijing you ask? NOTHING. Siberia. That’s what’s north of Beijing. I guess if I don’t get over this body temperature crisis (I use the term crisis extremely loosely) before I leave I sure as hell will have to get my act together pretty fast when I hop off that train for my first rest stop in Irkutsk.

Speaking of the trans-siberian railway I have just started the process of booking my tickets. The whole trip from Beijing to Moscow will cost about 765 euros, or $1,100. The entire trip home is certainly going to cost a pretty penny, but I have savings from this year in Korea and you only live once (or twice if you are James Bond).

One other thing I have to mention before I sign off for the day: While I was in Japan both my e-reader and camera managed to find a way to stop working. I don’t know if they were just overwhelmed by the superior electronics in Japan and took their own lives out of shame or what, but both devices crapped out on me within the same 6 days. You might be asking yourself why you should care, and that is a good question. The reason you should care (or not care) is because I may not be able to make any more videos for the rest of my time in Asia. This means that I can’t take video on the trans-siberian, Europe, or my upcoming trip to Thailand (next week baby!). I’m going to do my best to buy a new camera, but I can’t guarantee I can find a cheap, hardy video camera to replace my (not-so-trusty) Kodak. You and I may have to make do with still shots. Sorry.

Well as usual I have to choose between buying one more coffee (which will certainly put me in a caffeine addled state of hysterical hyperness) or risk out staying my welcome here at Ediya Coffee. I’m off to make the next decision in my life. That’s all for now.


About bnbnower

A recent graduate of Carleton University, set adrift into the real world with no tangible goals or properly defined aspirations, I decided to set off for South Korea where I am teaching English as a second language. In my spare time I read, rock-climb, play frisbee and watch movies and television.
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