Our top story: Taiwanese liquor makes man think he is Indiana Jones

Well its May 23rd, 2011.

I’m sitting in my apartment listening to Flavor of the Week by American Hi-Fi. I just finished a delicious dinner of chicken and rice stir-fry. Life is good.

I thought I might tell you about a new philosophy I’ve adopted to guide me through life here in Korea. As you know I’ve been doing SCUBA lessons, hiking, para-gliding and just generally seeking out adventure wherever it hides. What’s my secret? Easy –  When deciding whether I should do anything I ask myself: “Is this something Indiana Jones would do?” If the answer is yes, I do it.

It works amazingly well. I’m doing all sorts of awesome stuff, I’m singing the Indiana Jones theme song way more often, I’m walking across bridges (which you can see in the video I will link at the end of this entry), SCUBA diving, fighting Nazis and just generally having a good time. The only drawback to this philosophy (if you can call it a drawback) is that I find myself jumping over dangerously wide chasms much more frequently. On the upside I’m finding lots of treasure and I’ve befriended a small Korean child whom I call ‘shortround’.

Why don’t I tell you a little bit about my weekend? Friday night was pretty relaxed, just came home from work, fiddled around for a while, grabbed some supper and hit the sack. Saturday was a bit more exciting. I went to Jurye for my 2nd SCUBA lesson. We were supposed to do our first open water (ocean) dive but because of the recent rain and yellow dust visibility was poor, so we finished the classroom work and did our 2nd confined water dive instead. I scored 94% on the final exam (I know you are wondering where that other 6% went – turns out a DIN valve is slightly different from a Yoke valve… I know – I’m an idiot). So as long as I don’t have a nervous breakdown during the 4 ocean dives we are throwing down next weekend I should be a certified recreational diver in a week or so. Really enjoying the SCUBA diving so far – on Saturday the toughest thing we had to do was take off our masks and swim a length of the pool and then put the mask back on – you can see me do it in the video I will link at the end of the entry. We also practiced taking the tank and vest off underwater.

After the lesson we all retired to the dive center for a drink. We had a few beers and some shots of soju. Then we ran out of soju, so our instructor went off to a back room and emerged moments later with a bottle of some strange alcohol from Taiwan. I don’t know much about it except it was 58% alcohol and tasted like fire. The night finished at Thursday Party on Gwangalli beach in the wee hours. I spent most of the day Sunday trying to keep my head from exploding and any food I ate from coming back up. It was pleasant. Sunday night I gave the pickup frisbee my best shot, which wasn’t much at that point, but still as always a good time.

Not alot going on this week. Weather isn’t the best and not alot going on at school, although I did spend a few hours recording several questions for a test coming up. The test is next week and there is a big listening portion, so all my co-teachers have asked me to record questions that the students will have to listen to. I know, I know – you guys are wondering what I’m complaining about, whats a few sentences into a tape recorder in return for how awesome the job is? Well the thing is that most of the questions are a dialogue – meaning my co-teacher and I are saying a few sentences back and forth together. What sucks about this arrangement is that there are 20 or so questions per recording and because the teachers are such perfectionists if one line is messed up we have to start the whole recording over again. It took a while this afternoon to get through the grade 3 and 4’s. I still have to record for grade 5 and 6 tomorrow, which I’m not looking forward to because the level of English isn’t getting any easier.

Well I guess that’ll do for today. I’m promising you now I won’t make you wait very long for my next entry, I’ve got one lined up for mid-week which should be worth a few laughs.

In the mean time check out my youtube.com channel for a video of me walking across Gwangan bridge and my SCUBA lesson.


Until then have a good one everybody!


About bnbnower

A recent graduate of Carleton University, set adrift into the real world with no tangible goals or properly defined aspirations, I decided to set off for South Korea where I am teaching English as a second language. In my spare time I read, rock-climb, play frisbee and watch movies and television.
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2 Responses to Our top story: Taiwanese liquor makes man think he is Indiana Jones

  1. Jim Kingdon says:

    Indiana Jones is a great adventurer and I’m happy you’re using him as your benchmark and not Jack Bauer….
    Hope your allowed to take your camera on the open ocean dive’s. Could be some cool fish/God know’s what to record.

  2. mom says:

    love the video and cant wait to hear about the open water dive… and ok, that was a LOT of people on that bridge! Did you say you went with some of your fellow teachers? Be sure to let us know when you get to the art museum – cool building(s)!

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