What Went Wrong?

Hi everyone. Today is Sunday, April 17th, 2011. I have been working and living in South Korea for 60 days. Two full months. This is a scary thought for me – it means I only have 10 months left!

I say that now but surely in 2 or 3 more months I’ll probably be eating those words as I lay curled up on my bed, feverish with Playstation and Canadian beer withdrawal symptoms.

As I write this I have just gotten home from the weekly frisbee pickup game down at Namcheon. I was a little off my game tonight: my legs didn’t quite have the go they usually do to allow me to deke out the guy marking me, my hands weren’t closing quite fast enough to make some of those tough catches and my arm didn’t quite have the strength in it to send the long bombs down the field. It was a little disappointing.

On the walk home I tried to figure out why my game wasn’t quite coming together… Maybe it was the fact that I went out drinking with some people in Seomyeon on Friday night. 7,000 won for a 3 liter pitcher of beer is a hard deal to walk away from much earlier than 1 am. Or maybe it was the fact that I got up early Saturday morning (did manage about 5 hours of sleep though) to catch a train to Daegu to see the 2011 Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival. Or it could have been that, starting around 1pm on Saturday, I drank almost non stop for 4 hours of bulls clashing in pitched combat – tearing each other asunder.

 Maybe my game was off because after the bullfighting I went out for dinner and more drinking at a bar called Travellers in downtown Daegu – where I ate a delicious bacon and cheese burger with fries. Or maybe I couldn’t get my throw quite right because after Travellers we went to another waygook’s apartment for a beer pong tournament (where I must have worn out my arm) – then to another bar called Thursday Party (where the owner must have had a massive smile on his face while he busied himself counting his massive stacks of cash earned off the huge number of US army soldiers who trickle in from the 3 bases that surround Daegu). Then again it could have been the fact that we then jumped to another bar called GO GO bar (which served cocktails mixed in large ziplocked bags). My extremely practical British friend ordered drinks for the table and, because all the drinks were the same price, opted for the one with the highest alcohol content – a long island iced tea. This is the first long island iced tea I’ve ever had, and I was surprised to find that there was, in fact, very little tea that actually finds its way into that cocktail (i.e. None).

Then during my contemplative walk home from frisbee I thought, wait a minute Tom – maybe your legs didn’t have the spring you needed in them because after GO GO bar you went to a club and danced for a few hours to crazy Korean techno music while two Korean guys tried to copy your dance moves (silly Koreans – they should know that no one can replicate the way I move when I’ve got a long island iced tea and 6 hours of beer and Soju in me).

Finally, I figured my reaction time was a little off because of the lack of quality sleep the previous evening – after the nighclub I hopped in a taxi who took us to a jimjillbang. For the low low price of 8,000 won we had ourselves a place to sleep for the night, albeit it was on a reclining massage chair in a darkened corner of the bath house – not the most comfortable place to spend the next 5 hours, which was again all the sleep I would be getting that night. Actually a bit less than 5 hours because it was hard to get back to sleep after waking up to a strange Korean man standing over me. Yeah – that happened. Breakfast the following morning was followed by a trip on the KTX that got me back to Busan – exhausted – by 5pm; just enough time to stop at home and grab a pair of shorts before turning around to head to my frisbee game – where for some strange reason my game was a little off.

Well next weekend should be better.

Thats it for now – I hope this entry was understandable – I kinda jumped around from place to place and time to time. I’ll follow this up with a mid-week post that should cover the bullfighting festival in a bit more detail – and include some video I took.

Have a good day BNBers – I’m off to comtemplate the activities I’ll be getting up to in my third month in Korea.


About bnbnower

A recent graduate of Carleton University, set adrift into the real world with no tangible goals or properly defined aspirations, I decided to set off for South Korea where I am teaching English as a second language. In my spare time I read, rock-climb, play frisbee and watch movies and television.
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2 Responses to What Went Wrong?

  1. Jim Kingdon says:

    Sorry to hear about your lack luster Frisbee performance but I think anyone’s game would be off after waking up to a creepy Korean guy standing over them. Sounds like a great weekend up until that point….
    Looking forward to the bullfighting video

  2. Jim Kingdon says:

    Tom, one more quick thought on the weekend, Replicate a Kingdon’s dance moves? I know you told us that Korean’s pride themselves on being industrious…..
    Come on, there is no way they’re going to be that smooooth….

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